We have created a set of resources (below) that we hope you will find helpful whether you are a Coordinator or street level Volunteer. Please do get in touch if you think there is something that is missing and we will do our best to help. We have drawn on local and national groups when setting up this guidance and will be adding to it over the coming weeks and months.  For further information and community support please do visit our Facebook page.  You may also want to visit Queer Care Network which has fantastic resources on reducing spread of the virus. 


In the course of volunteering there may be occasions when you make a payment for something and for whatever reason are not reimbursed by the person in need of help. In that instance, you may qualify to claim the money back. Please visit the Open Collective, where we hold all funds openly and transparently, or speak to us on for more information. 

We know that there are likely to be more safeguarding issues at the moment as families are placed under huge stress financially, and emotionally. As volunteers you may become aware of some of these issues so we would strongly urge you to do this free Introduction to Safeguarding course which is recommended for Covid-19 Volunteers by Oxforshire Safeguarding Children Board as well as this free Introduction to Adult Safeguarding Course. You will need to register to do the course - you can use the name Harriet Barcella for 'Finance Admin Name' and  for 'Line manager email' in the registration information. 



Dog walking (guidance from the RSPCA)

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