Establishing a town-wide network of volunteers covering every household in Henley is a huge task and we have only been able to do it with the extraordinary levels of support we have received from our local community. 

As the pandemic progresses the personal circumstances of our volunteers will inevitably change and some will need to stop volunteering either temporarily or permanently. We are therefore always seeking volunteers to join our team.  Whether you can offer a few hours a week, or a bigger commitment, your help and time will be very much valued.


We have divided Henley into a number of areas consisting of a handful of streets each. Each area has a number of Coordinators, with volunteers reporting into them who can fulfil practical support for those who need it. All residents of those streets should be aware (via leafletting at the beginning of lockdown) of how to contact their Coordinator.


Everyone in these roles will be supported by the Core Team. The diagram below represents the way that Henley Mutual Aid works and gives an idea of the roles and responsibilities that a volunteer or coordinator takes on when registering to support. You will be supported in your role by the Core Team who will keep updating guidance and support documents, provide ID cards, liaise with other local organisations and make sure that we have clear processes in place. We are not currently recruiting Coordinators but may be again in future - if you register as a volunteer but would like to be considered as a Coordinator if a role becomes available, please do let the Core Team know on


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