As a completely voluntary neighbour-to-neighbour support network, our network of volunteers have been providing support across Henley since April 2020. In order to relieve some of the additional workload and stress that this has placed on volunteers we are now only to offer help if you have no-one else who can assist you.


Wherever possible, please do seek help from family, friends or neighbours before filling in this form.


We may be able to help with:

  • Grocery deliveries

  • Prescription collections

  • Arranging chats on the phone to check in with you.



  • You are in quarantine because you or a member of your household have COVID symptoms

  • You are in quarantine because you or a member of your household have tested positive for COVID

  • You have been requested to quarantine by the track and trace scheme

  • You have had contact with somebody who has tested positive for COVID.




  • You do not have family, friends or neighbours who you can ask for help directly.


Please fill out this form and we will aim to get you the help you need. You can fill this out on behalf of someone else as long as you have their permission.


If you are completing this form on behalf of someone else and you have serious concerns regarding their general welfare, please call the Social and Health Care Team in office hours on 0345 050 7666. In an emergency, out-of-hours

please contact 0800 833408.

If you need something we can’t provide, we will help put you in touch with organisations that can, including organisation like  NOMAD food bank for those who are experiencing financial hardship. 


Care is being taken to prevent spreading the virus. Volunteers will not have personal contact with anyone and will follow all current social distancing guidelines.  


We are using a very local network of volunteers to help to build ongoing community links. Most of the help you receive will come from one of your direct neighbours – someone living in your street or very close by. You may even know them already (if this is a problem for you for any reason please do let us know). By operating in this way, we hope that we can help you to feel safe and confident in the support you are receiving. 

For further information including local news, updates from local businesses, community discussion and more please visit our Facebook page. 

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