The Core Team

Henley Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group was set up by a small group of concerned Henley residents, who joined together to set up the Facebook page and then the volunteer network. This original group now forms the Core Team, which has built this website, created the resources for volunteers, and offers help and support to everyone getting involved.


The group works entirely on goodwill – everyone gives their time and skills for free, and around their day jobs and families.


We are all local people. You may even know us already!

Other Contributors 

Alongside the Steering Group there is a vast network of Coordinators and Volunteers working hard to ensure that the people of Henley feel supported at this difficult time. Whilst naming each of these contributors would be an impossible job, we would like to highlight a couple here. 

Tony Giles (ESRI) - for working with us to create automated mapping tools and providing these tools for free during the crisis. 

Eveleen Hatch - for her support and expertise in PR. 

Vivienne Clark - for her support and expertise in both PR and social media. 

Kate Keaveney - for her invaluable role in setting up the group in the first few weeks, working tirelessly to ensure that we were always working towards our goal of ensuring no-one in Henley was left in need. 

Tiffany Bowles - for all her work mapping Henley, liaising with Area Coordinators and finding ways to ensure that we could identify any geographical gaps in our provision.


Robin Nice - for all his technical expertise that supported Tiffany in her work.​

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